A simple, fast and EFFECTIVE email verification tool.

You’ve worked hard capturing emails and building a database of subscribers. Now you have big plans for email marketing campaigns that are going to convert leads and boost your sales.

Is every email address in that database valid?
There is a good chance some are misspelled, outdated, invalid, duplicated or even a spam trap,
and you’ll probably never know which email addresses are useless!
You use an email list cleaner to ‘scrub’ your database
and leave you with a
CLEAN list of VALID email addresses!

What are you waiting for?

Easy to use. Speedy results.

In just four simple steps, you’ll have a clean list of emails AND a detailed report.

tool is web-based so you can access it from any device with an internet connection. Once you’ve created an account on our website, you’re ready to start removing invalid emails from your mailing lists. Then it’s just:





Log in to your account. You’ll see a personalized backend admin panel. Click Upload. Use the browser to choose the file containing your email list. Once you’ve selected it, click Submit. You’ll see the status of your upload. We accept email lists in .txt and .xls formats. Upload one list or several – we have the capacity to handle whatever needs cleaning.

Once your email list is successfully uploaded you’ll see it in your admin panel, and you’ll be prompted to verify the email list. If you only have one list, this is as easy as clicking Confirm. If you have multiple lists, then just select the lists you want to be clean and click Confirm.

And let the cleaning process begin! Our tool will work quickly to verify your ENTIRE email list, so you can sit back, relax and wait! How long it takes will depend on the length of your list, but it’s ALWAYS quick so just be patient. In no time you’ll have a flawless, CLEAN list of VALID emails.

Once is done cleaning your list, you’ll be prompted to download two documents:

1. Your new, clean email list.
2. A complete report of the email cleaning process.

You see, our tool takes the email verification service one step further. We clean your list, but we also provide a detailed report of WHICH emails were removed and WHY they are “invalid”.


Improve email deliverability.

Why do you need a clean email list?

If you send emails to invalid addresses, they bounce back, which diminishes your reputation.
A poor reputation means your emails could get marked as spam – and eventually your IP address could get blocked. If your IP is blocked, then NONE of your emails will go through.
Not even the ones you send to valid addresses! And that means you won’t be able to communicate with new OR existing customers. Which means you won’t be able to generate more SALES and higher PROFITS!

Make the SMART business choice. Invest in an email list verifier that’s easy to use AND highly accurate so you can make sure your emails are ALWAYS delivered.

No commitment - No credit card required

Get up to 99% accuracy.

is a proprietary, advanced and highly effective email list cleaning service. Our email address validator and spam trap detector scan each email in your list – one by one.

Our focus has ALWAYS been and continues to be on the effectiveness of our email verifier, and we’ve spent years developing a tool that REALLY works. Detailed reporting, precise scanning, complete accuracy and near-perfect results… that’s what matters to us!

Whether you’re looking for a bulk email checker or a single email address validator, scans and scrubs:

special mailboxes

Special mailboxes

Special mailboxes are 'function' mails for example, They don’t normally get used for private purposes!

invalid emails

Invalid emails

Invalid mails are email addresses missing necessary parts. For example they don't have the '@' symbol, a name before the '@' symbol or the domain doesn't exist.

bounced emails

Bounced emails

These emails are often ‘fake’ addresses which never existed.

duplicate emails

Duplicate emails

Duplicate emails are exactly that, the same email address appearing on your list multiple times.

catch-all emails

Catch-all emails

These are addresses that are only for forwarding purposes – any email you send will be forwarded somewhere else.

spam traps emails

Spam traps

Spam traps are usually e-mail addresses that are created purely for luring spam, not for communication. Lots of people have a spam trap. Do you have one?

temporary emails

Temporary emails

Temporary emails are generated for a fixed period, often just 10 minutes. Once the time is up, they are deleted and no longer exist.

bad mx emails

Bad MX emails

Bad MX emails have a non-existent domain after the '@' symbol or there is something wrong with the domain.

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How it works.

An email verification tool that’s simple, straightforward and user-friendly.

Clean mail history

When you’ve been running email campaigns for so long that you can’t remember when you started, your email address history is … messy! Whenever you want to email someone and you type in the first few letters of their name, a HUGE and mostly irrelevant list of matches pops up. So, to avoid the mess, let us clean your mail history today!


Add a new job

Once your account is set up, you can fully manage all your email cleaning and verification processes. Not only can you view existing lists, see old processes, and check on verified emails and invalid emails, you can also easily add a new job - at any time. Simply click on Add New Job and follow the step-by-step instructions provided.


Download your clean list

Once you’ve uploaded your “dirty” list, created a job and our tool is verifying every email address, it won’t be long until you get a prompt to download your CLEAN list. And that’s not all! Not only will you be able to immediately start using your clean list, we’ll give you a detailed report showing all the “invalid” emails we’ve removed – and why.

Benefit from continual improvements.

On the internet, every day is different. What worked today won’t work tomorrow, and what worked years ago doesn’t work anymore.

is not a stagnant tool - we’re constantly analyzing, testing, researching and improving every aspect of our web-based software to make sure our email verification service stays functional, up to date and accurate.


Use the tool however you want.

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we’ve got a package to suit everyone.
keeps it simple.

Are you someone who needs to check ONE email address just ONCE?


Have a very SMALL email list that only needs to be scrubbed ONCE?


Got multiple bulk email lists that keep growing and need an excellent email validation tool on an ongoing basis?

No problem! We offer all of these features.

Use just once and pay a small fee for the service.

MailsPricePer mail
1 000free*free*
2 50025$0.01$
5 00040$0.008$
10 00060$0.006$
25 000100$0.004$
50 000160$0.032$
100 000250$0.0025$
250 000400$0.0016$
* just once after account registration
Calculate price for your mails
Total Cost:
MailsPricePer mail
0,5 M600$0.0012$
1 M1 000$0.0010$
2,5 M2 000$0.0008$
5 M3 000$0.0006$
10 M5 000$0.0005$
25 M10 000$0.0004$
50 M15 000$0.0003$
50M +20 000$0.0002$
Calculate price for your mails
Total Cost:

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