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How vulnerable is my email-marketing list?

Last Update: 15.11.2018


Your email marketing list is crucial to the future success of your business. If, however, you leave your list to become outdated and rarely clean it, your list could fall into the wrong hands.

Invalid addresses

Invalid email addresses pose a real threat to your email-marketing list. Sending emails to an invalid address means you’re putting your business at risk of falling into a spam trap. Once in a spam trap, the information can then be added to bulk mailing lists or shared with other spammers.

Recycled addresses

Sending emails to recycled addresses is never good news because it makes you appear as a spammer. Recycled addresses are old accounts that are not used by the original owner, and regularly sending mail to recycled addresses slowly brings your reputation down.

The importance of regular cleaning

Regular cleaning with will ensure your email list stays up to date. We use real-time data to provide you with 100% clean emails you can rely on. Without clean data, your email-marketing list will not only be vulnerable, but it will be ineffective too.