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Computer security tips

Last Update: 15.11.2018

Remember the patches

On most computers, you should be able to set them up so that they automatically update when there’s new software or a new operating system available. A computer without the latest OS and software is far more likely to be vulnerable.

Install protective software

There is plenty of protective software available to help ensure your computer remains fully safe at all times. If in doubt over which software to choose, be sure to consult your IT department before downloading anything.


It may seem obvious but the stronger your password is, the more secure your computer will be. Generally speaking, it’s advisable to opt for a combination of letters and numbers as well as special characters. If possible, try to create different passwords for each and every work account you have. Be sure to change your passwords regularly too, the more time you give external hackers to work on a particular password, the greater their chances are of cracking it.

Regular backups

Regular backups help keep everything protected from the unexpected. It’s a good idea to schedule your backups for every few months if possible.