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Are IP and Domain blacklists a problem?

The simple answer is yes.

If you send emails, you use an ISP server to deliver your mail from sender to receiver. If your IP address is blacklisted, your mail server will block the email and prevent it from being delivered. It is important to frequently monitor your blacklist status to check if your IP or Domain has been flagged or rejected as spam. If you frequently experience blacklisting, it’s time to modify your email marketing strategy and comply with the anti-spam policies which are regulated by ESP and ISP servers worldwide.

How Correct.email can help you?

You can use our free online blacklist check tool above to check your IP address and domain address against a complete list of active DNS blacklists. Find out if you are blacklisted and what you can do to get off the blacklist. We also provide a direct URL link to help you get delisted.

Offline Blacklists

The following blacklists were shut down by their servers or have reached their IP network aggregate threshold. They are offline and should not be used.

  1. bl.spamcannibal.org
  2. spamtrap.drbl.drand.net
  3. blacklist.hostkarma.com
  4. dnsbl.ahbl.org
  5. rhsbl.ahbl.org
  6. ircbl.ahbl.org
  7. virbl.dnsbl.bit.nl
  8. spamsources.dnsbl.info

What is a DNSBL, SURBL?

DNSBL (DNS blacklist, RBL, Real-time blacklist)

These blacklists, also known as, blocklists are created to catch spam messages and unsolicited content by website administrators and Internet Service Providers. Their primary role is to filter spam and block emails which are flagged for breaching anti-spam regulations. Most email servers support DNS blacklists as a safety mechanisms to protect their servers from unwanted traffic. Domain Name System Blacklists are being incorporated across the internet by B2B and B2C companies to protect against spammers and similar unfair usage of internet service.

SURBL - A secondary spam filter.

A secondary spam filter. SURBLs are compiled lists of websites where unsolicited messages and spam messages have been identified. This anti-spam procedure is used as additional line of defence to help prevent and block spam. SURBLs extract data from the text body of emails and identify any unsolicited email text or websites which appear in the body of text used by the email sender.

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