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Valid email address

If you don’t know whether the email addresses on your list are valid, then getting any email-marketing campaign off the ground is going to be hard work. Only through proper email validation can you be sure that you’re not communicating in the dark.

Correct.email will check email address validity on all of your email lists, before providing you with a 100% clean list with nothing but one valid email address after another on it.

Check email validity

At Correct.email, we understand that no two businesses are the same and that each and every business will have different demands when it comes to their email marketing lists. That’s why when we check email validity; we tailor our service to you.

Our highly competitive, flexible and wholly transparent pricing structure means you can start checking the validity of your email addresses from less than a cent per email. There are no extra costs, and no hidden charges, in fact you only ever pay for the emails you want to check. Be sure to look through our pricing structure, we’re confident you’ll find a price that works for you.

Using our email validity service

Whether you’ve used us before, or you’re thinking about using Correct.email for the first time, our email validity checker is simple, hassle-free and quick to use. Once you’ve set up an account with us, all you have to do is upload your lists in either TXT or CSV format. After you’ve done that, we can take care of absolutely everything for you.

Our email validity checking service will quickly get to work on your email address list, going through each email address one by one and quickly assigning it a status. Once we’re done checking your emails, we’ll provide you with a detailed report you can download, as well as a complete list of all your clean and valid emails.

Why email validity matters

Invalid emails destroy the hygiene of your email marketing lists, which in turn could damage your reputation and ensure your emails end up in spam folders. To give your emails the best possible chance of being seen, it’s important to regularly clean your lists using our email validation tool.