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About Email Credits

Last Update: 05.02.2019

What is “Email Credit”? - Introduction

Email Credit is an internal digital currency of Correct.Email environment.

Every Correct.Email product uses same pricing system - Each one email validation costs 1 Email Credit.

We have a Pricing Calculator where you can freely calculate and optimise the best price for your purposes.

Where can I see my Email Credits balance?

Email Credit balance can be found in our Application Dashboard at the top header in right corner next to your username (email).

Email Checker dashboard panel

Mobile users can find their Email Credits balance in Appliaction Payments as it is visible in screenshot.

Payments panel - where to see email credits on mobile

How can I buy Emails Credits?

First way by press dollar signed button at the top header in right corner. How to buy credits animation


Second way by Appliaction Payments by clicking Add Credits button. How to buy credits - second way animation

Payment process was not presented because of security reasons.