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Advanced integration settings

Last Update: 05.02.2019


Note: Before reading this content, make sure you have read our Form Defender Integration article.

There are some additional options available which can improve your experience with our widget. All you need is just modify your script code as following:

  const _CEDefenderSettings = {
    application: 'API_Key',
    closeAfter: 3, // default 3 (seconds),
    language: 'en' // default en-US
    sandbox: false, // default false
    width: 260, // default: 260, min: 260 (pixels),
<script src=""></script>

Options description

Property nameDescriptionAvailable Options
closeAfter(default - 3s) - delay of auto closing frame after validation process.Numbers > 0
language(default - English (en)) - display messages in appropriate language.‘en’, ‘de’
width(default - 260px) - Form Defender frame widthNumber >= 260