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Computer Buying Tips

New vs. refurbished or used

If you are looking to save money buying a used or refurbished computer can save you money. A refurbished computer is a computer that has been returned to the company has been checked out as good but cannot be sold again as new. All major computer manufacturers have a refurbished section showing all their available refurbished products. Buying one of these computers instead of a new computer can save you hundreds of dollars. In addition to refurbished computers individuals and companies for various reasons also sell their used computers. When buying these look out for the following. Verify it has no physical damage by inspecting the ports as well as the inside and the outside of the case. Make sure you pay for what you are getting. See the scam section below for additional details. Make sure computer comes with any CD’s for the operating systems or programs that are promised to be installed. Realize that many computer manufacturers will not transfer the computer warranty from the old user to you.