Form Defender™

Secure your forms

Protection from non-existent or disposable emails, bots, spammers, abusers and anonymous users.

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Form Defender™ introduction video
Comodo secured DNV-GL ISO_IEC_27001 Certified Company GDPR Compliance

How Form Defender™ works as protection tool?

Defend your form against spam-traps, specials, temporaries, catch-all, bad-mx’es, bounces and more!

You decide, which of them will be passed by your form and which will be stored in your checking history.

You decide, if anonymous should pass and which domains, IP’s, countries and set rate limits to optimize and save money!

  • Select the email addresses you want to accept or block.
  • Create and modify your personal blacklist to block unwanted domains, IP addresses, or countries of origin.
  • Optimize your settings and set filter limits to save money.
Form Defender™ product
email status filters

Filter By Status

Decide which emails you accept or block based on their email statuses

blacklist ip filters

Create a Blacklist

Prevent email addresses by country of origin, IP address or email format

vpn and tor users filters

VPN | TOR Detection

Identify TOR and VPN users. Store them in your history or block them at registration

Easy pricing!

1 Validated email = 1 email credit

The easiest JavaScript Widget to implement!

Just copy code and paste every <script> tag at the top of all your scripts and add data-ce-defender attribute to your input. That’s all!

1. Create an Application

Create an application in your Form Defender Panel to access to your API Key.

You need to be logged into your account.

Generate API key animation
    const _CEDefenderSettings = { application: 'API_Key' };
  <script src=""></script>

2. Copy & Paste code snippet

Just copy and paste a short code snippet to your website and you’re ready to go.

Remember to:

  • Use your API Key
  • Place code snippet other scripts in <body>

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