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Spam trap

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Spam traps can work their way into pretty much any email-marketing list. Whether it’s through a simple typo, and expired address or you’ve made the error of purchasing email addresses, spam traps are pretty much everywhere, and if you want to preserve the hygiene of your list, it’s important to avoid them at all costs.

Just how bad are spam traps?

The ramifications for hitting spam traps on your email list can range greatly. The problem is that the ramifications will generally depend on the company running the trap, and how often you fall into it. More extreme spam traps can result in your IP address being blocked, making it next to impossible for you to send out email campaigns.

It’s important to remember that just one spam trap could nullify the effectiveness of your entire email-marketing list. The organization running the spam trap has no idea how large your list is – so you can expect to run into the same problem whether you’re sending your email to twenty or twenty-thousand recipients.

Spam trap
Spam trap

How to avoid spam traps

To see just how quick and easy our service is you can test any single email address from your list on our site. Alternatively, you can find out more information on how our service works in our handy resources section.

Spam trap

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The best way to avoid spam traps is through proper maintenance of your email lists. That means using a proper tool to clean your lists such as the one provides. We’ll quickly get to work on removing bounced email addresses from your list as well as any potential spam lists, leaving you with clean and fully verified emails.

Spam trap

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At, we test email address after email address to make sure every list we work on is free of spam traps. Working through each and every email one by one, we assign every address a status before providing you with a detailed report on your list.

Our extensive method produces high levels of accuracy, meaning when it comes to your clean list, you’ll have nothing but clean email addresses that have been thoroughly scrutinized.

Do not waste your time and remove spam traps from your email lists now!