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How to protect your data at work

Last Update: 15.11.2018


If you run a business, you’ll know just how important your data is, especially if you handle sensitive information – to help ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, make sure you follow these handy tips.

  • Don’t download any software that’s unapproved

  • Before you download any software, make sure you contact IT. Free software that’s associated with a malicious site could pose a serious threat to your company network.

  • Always send files securely

  • Sending files securely is vital to ensuring your data remains safe. Managed file transfer solutions are ideal. It’s also a good idea to avoid FTP when it comes to transferring files, if possible try to use a more secure protocol such as SFTP.

  • Lock your computer

  • During the average working day, it’s not unusual to take a step away from your desk, when you do be sure to lock your computer. Whilst this won’t prevent external hackers from accessing information, it will stop fellow employees and office guests from seeing potentially sensitive data.