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Types of Email Statuses

Last Update: 05.02.2019

What are email statuses?

Every verified email is described with email status. It says, if email is safe and verified possitively (clean) or classified as bad one. We have various email statuses to define if given email is dangerous, exists, is valid syntax, is role based (special), etc.

We don’t just divide your emails into ones that work and ones that don’t, we offer you a complete and detailed report on your list. We’ve spent years making our email cleaning service as effective as possible, meaning you get a tool that really works and produces highly accurate results.

Did you know there are more than 10 email statuses? will work quickly to identify the statuses of all the emails on your list, leaving you with only the active and reachable addresses.

Email statusDescription
Correct emails
These are addresses that are only for forwarding purposes – any email you send will be forwarded somewhere else.
Invalid mails are email addresses missing necessary parts, for example ‘@’ symbol.
Same email found in email list while email list verification process.
These emails are often ‘fake’ addresses which never existed.
Special mailboxes are ‘function’ mails for example,
Bad MX
Bad MX emails have a non-existent domain after the ‘@’ symbol or there is something wrong with the domain.
Spam Trap
Spam traps are usually e-mail addresses that are created purely for luring spam, not for communication.
Temporary emails are generated for a fixed period, often just 10 minutes.
After all efforts we diagnose that email is not correct however because of issues on the email side at the moment of verification we did not receive information about the reason.

Why these email statuses are so important?

Some of email statuses are saying, that you can reach real clients:

  • Clean - email is correct and you can safety send message to this mailbox,

Some of email statuses can be risky to achieve real customer:

  • Catch-all - this email exists and you can reach real customer, but you cannot be 100% sure,
  • Special - Special mailboxes are ‘function’ mails for example,,
  • Unknown - We did not recognised or get any information about email address. It’s rare status,

But some email statuses can warn you against danger:

  • Bounced - fake email address which didn’t existed or not exists now,
  • Bad-MX - email domain not exists,
  • Spam-Trap - they can lure you to their spam list,
  • Temporary - some mailboxes can be created only for fixed time and then dissapear.

Are email statuses available in every Correct.Email product?

Yes, all of these statuses are available in reports after email verification process made by our systems.