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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: 15.11.2018

How important are clean email lists?

Very important! Clean email lists ensure that your email marketing strategy doesn’t go to waste. If you send your next campaign out to unverified and outdated emails, you’ll find that you have a very low conversion rate as well as unreliable data. With a clean list, however, you’ll only be sending your email out to fully verified addresses, allowing you to communicate directly with your core customers and shape your email marketing efforts around them.

How do I sign up?

Signing up with is very straightforward. Simply head to the registration page to create your free account. There are no hidden costs or extra charges, you only ever pay for the number of choosen credits.

Is cost effective?

Yes, at less than a cent per email, it’s the most cost-effective method you’re likely to find, and the more emails you choose to clean with us, the cheaper it gets. For a full break down of our prices and get an instant quote on your email lists, be sure to check out our pricing page.

How quick is

At, we pride ourselves on speed and accuracy. We’ve worked tirelessly on our system to be as effective and as fast as possible. Currently we can clean more than 50 million email addresses per day.

How often should I clean my email address lists?

It’s important to clean your email address lists regularly. Contacts are continuously changing jobs or positions, meaning lists can become outdated in a matter of months. Only with up to date, fully verified lists can you be sure that your emails are being delivered to your core customers. Ultimately, you should be looking to clean your email lists at least once a month, especially if you regularly send out email marketing campaigns to thousands of addresses.

How do I upload email lists onto the system?

Uploading a list is straightforward and quick. If you require any assistance with the upload process, you can check out our handy video guides. To get started, simply sign up for a free account via our registration page. We accept any .csv or .txt file. Whilst you’re logged into your account, you can upload your files directly from your browser.

Will my IP address get blocked?

Your IP will not get blocked whilst using – the entire verification process is made on our side, meaning you can rest assured that your IP address will remain fully secure at all time.

Is my information safe with

Yes, we never ever share any of your details with any third parties. We also use fully secured infrastructure rather than clouds when dealing with your information.

Is there a trial service available?

If you’re unsure about any of our services we offer a simple and free trial right here on our website. Test our services by using the checker box to enter single email addresses.

Just how accurate is is extremely accurate. We’ve worked on our system for years, ensuring it’s highly reliable and accurate, leaving you with only clean email addresses. In fact, we offer the most advanced system on the market, capable of reaching up to 99% accuracy.

Do I need to install any software to use

No, you don’t. From the moment you upload your email lists, will take care of the entire process. Once you’ve set up an account with us, you can upload your lists directly from your browser.

Are there any email addresses Correct.Email cannot check?

No, meaning we’re the ideal solution for any email marketing campaign, whether it’s B2B or B2C. As long as the email addresses on your list have been inputted correctly, we can check it.

How does it work? uses a highly advanced method to clean your emails with the highest levels of accuracy. For more information, check out our how it works page.

Anything else?

If you need any further information, including tips on how to ensure your email marketing lists are secure whilst you’re at work, be sure to check out our resources page. We also have a handy blog, ensuring you’re always up to date on everything related to email marketing and beyond.