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Advanced Settings

Last Update: 05.02.2019

Advanced Settings - introduction

Advanced settings switch

Advanced settings are hidden by default. To modify them, toggle the “Advanced Settings” switch (see screenshot) at the bottom of the application panel. Here you can create and manage blacklists for your applications, set request rate limits to optimize credits usage. The following descriptions will help you understand how advanced settings work and what you can use them for.

Blacklisting IPs, emails (by pattern) and countries

By default, blacklists are blank and users with every IP, email pattern and country are allowed in your form. You can set blacklists separately for each application.

Real-time API Blacklist panel

Request rate limits - optimization tool

Request rate limits allow you to optimize your Email Credit usage. You can set request limits per user (validation requests) or by IP. If your application reaches the rate limit, all users will be allowed to register automatically without you any costs and you will not lose any additional Email Credits.

Real-time API requests rate limit panel