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Download Results

Last Update: 05.02.2019

How to download your results

Once your lists are clean, you may download your results. You have many options available and can download all your results, only clean emails, or create a custom seleciton of emails to download

Clean Emails

To download only the clean status emails, go to the Email Checker tab in your control panel and select three dots icon on the right side of your list. Then press Download clean.

Email Checker - List information

These results will give you the verified emails from our list. Use this if you do not need information about spam traps, bounces or other statuses in your list.

Detailed View

To view all of your results, select the “Detailed view” tab on the right side of your list in the “Email Checker” tab of your control panel.

List Details view

Here you will see all the statuses detected on yor lists. You may also choose your download method at the bottom of the page

Export clean

Download clean only button

Use this option to download only clean emails.

Export… (by selection)

Export all statuses by selection

Export by selection modal

By selecting the Export… button, your results will be sent to a .zip file with all your statuses in a separate .csv file.

This is a great option if you want to keep track of any harmful emails on your list or if you would like to add any emails to a blacklist that you own or have created with our Form Defender app.