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High accuracy and detail

High accuracy and detail

We offer success rates of more than 99%, giving you a much better chance of securing a return on investment with your next marketing campaign. We’re also able to identify more than 10 email address statuses.


Improve your reputation

Sending emails to invalid addresses can harm your reputation and see your marketing emails end up in your contact’s spam folder. High quality, clean lists help you avoid that.

Save money

Competitive pricing structure

Our competitive prices allow you to make the right choice for your business, and the more emails you clean, the less you pay.

Application start

Upload CSV and TXT files

With us you can upload CSV and TXT files, once your upload is done, we’ll quickly get to work, going through each email one by one, getting rid of unverified addresses and spam traps.

Secure application

Fully secure

Unlike other companies, we have a strong and well-established administration background, meaning you can be 100% confident that your email lists will remain secure.

Upload, clean and download, using couldn’t be simpler

We don’t over-complicate the process at
instead, you get a simple and straightforward service that will deliver clean emails with accuracy levels of more than 99%.

Upload lists

Upload List

To get started simply upload your lists. We accept CSV and TXT files. You can select up to 10 files in total, but each list can contain as many email addresses as you wish .

Clean Lists

Once you’ve uploaded your lists, we’ll get to work on cleaning it for you. If you like, you can watch the entire process live from your account dashboard. We’re able to quickly and accurately identify more than 10 email address statuses, leaving you in no doubt over the emails that work, and the ones that don’t.

Cleaning process
Upload lists

Download Your Results

That’s it! Once your list has been cleaned, we’ll provide you with a quick and easy download, allowing you to get on with the important business of improving your marketing campaigns.

For more details on how we separate those pesky unverified addresses from the genuine emails, and how we stop your emails from falling into traps set by hackers, check out our how it works page.

How it works

With, the cost is less than a cent per email.

Correct.emails pricing structure is as simple as the service itself. The more emails you choose to clean, the less it costs.


Available from less than a cent per email, our quick and simple service will provide your business with the clean emails it needs to drive your marketing campaigns forward.

Our straightforward thresholds are available on our pricing page. Simply enter the amount of emails you need cleaned, and we’ll provide you with a price. There are no hidden costs and no extras, just a simple service that will ensure your business receives clean email lists. provides you with everything you need to reach your customers

Give our service a try and we’ll provide you with 100 free credits to get started.

Data security

Results you can trust

If you’ve been searching for a reliable way to separate genuine emails on your email marketing list from the unverified ones, can help. We have an accuracy rate of more than 99%, meaning your business will be left with clean and reliable email addresses that will help you shape your marketing campaigns.

Save money

Competitive pricing

Our easy to use service is trusted by countless businesses all over the world, and with our competitive and transparent pricing structure, you’ll get a clear price for cleaning your email lists.


Build your reputation can help build your reputation. Continually sending emails to blocked accounts and spam filters can result in email providers blocking your address. With clean emails, however, you can build your reputation and ensure your message is seen.


Support 24/7

We offer round the clock support to all our customers, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Secure application

Fully secure

We never share your data with third parties and use secured infrastructure rather than clouds, meaning your company’s data is always fully secured.


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