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Last Update: 05.02.2019

What is Form Defender?

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Form Defender protects your selected forms by using our Real-Time API. It prevents submit actions for requests requiring an email address and allows or blocks the submit action based on your settings (filters, blacklists, etc.). See how it works in the animation above.

It prevents form submit actions until the email is checked

Every action declared on the submit form will stop until email validation is complete. When the email is confirmed as in the example above, your actions will resume. If there is a faulty (invalid) email, your submit action will be blocked.

It uses the same Email Credits as your Correct.Email Account for payment

You do not have to pay for Form Defender separately. Just remember to boost your email credit balance in your Correct.Email Account. If your credit balance is too low, Form Defender omits the validation process and allows all users to register to your page. Learn How Email Credits work.

It uses our servers for the validation process

You do not have to worry about anything on your end. Form Defender performs a call request on our servers. The server checks any given email in your form in under 5 seconds.

Filter good and bad emails based on statuses with the Real-Time API dashboard

You can customize your settings and filter emails by statues. Simply toggle your preferences and decide what you want to accept or block.

Real-time API management panel

Identify and Filter TOR, PROXY, VPN users

By default, anonymous users are accepted. You can change these settings by toggling their switches in your control panel.

Advanced Settings

In advanced settings you can create your own personal blacklist to detect and prevent specific IP addresses or countries from registration. You can also optimize your budget by setting request rate limits. Find out more at Form Defender - Advanced Settings