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Getting started

Last Update: 05.02.2019

Upload Your Lists

Upload your lists with drag and drop or by selecting the “Choose files” button

Upload Lists in Dashboard screenshot

Once your lists are added, you will see amount of emails contained in each list and the price to clean each list.

At the bottom of your page, you will see the final summarized price to clean all of your lists. This price includes all promotions and discounts.

List Cleaning

To clean your lists, select the clean button at the bottom right of your page. Once you’ve cleaned your lists, you will see the results in the panel. You can select the list to see the full report and to download the results that you need.

List statistics in dashboard

Export Results

Your results will be separated based on their email status.

There are two ways to download your results:

  • Export all statuses button Export all statuses
  • Export clean button Export clean

Once you have downloaded your results, you may use your email lists however you need knowing that they are clean and safe from unwanted emails.

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