What is Sender Reputation?

As an email marketer, you send multiple emails to many different clients. Each time that you send your campaign, your emails are scanned and checked to verify that you are following the industry standards set by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The reason they do this is to make sure that spammers get caught early before they cause harm on the internet via email sending.

Sender score is a value between 0-100. The higher your score, the better your reputation is. When you begin your email marketing career, your email sending reputation is zero. The moment you begin sending bulk emails is when you start to appear on the radar of ISPs

After this, each campaign that you send will either strengthen or worsen your sender reputation.

That is why it is important to make sure you are following proper ISP standards for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

What affects sender reputation

The following criteria is commonly used by service providers to augment your sending reputation:

Email sent to Spam Traps

Spam traps are email addresses that are specifically created to catch spammers who buy their lists. When you send mail to these addresses, you are instantly flagged for spam.

Bounce Rate (Hard Bounces)

The amount of undeliverable messages due to expired or inactive addresses. This is a common problem when you have Temp Mail addresses on your list

Content Quality

You should always create content that will interest your end users. They are the ones who open your email and they expect it to contain something worth their time. If your content is bad, recipients will delete your email or even send it to the spam folder. This sets off red flags for spam.

Blacklist Status

You should check your blacklist status before each campaign. If you are blacklisted, ISPs will mark you as a potential spammer and block your emails or send them directly to the spam folder. There are many reasons why you may appear on a blacklist but you can read about that later. For now it is important that you perform a free IP Blacklist check to verify that you are not blacklisted.